Apple & Cranberry Quinoa Salad

This one's always at a hit at lunches and BBQ's.  It's great as a side dish  or a quick snack, as it's quite light.  If you'd like to turn it into a fuller meal, add some honey-and-bbq-chicken to it. Ingredients: 1 red Apple Packet of Quinoa & Bulgar Wheat Rucola Pecans Walnuts Dried Cranberries Apple … Continue reading Apple & Cranberry Quinoa Salad


Mango, Almond & Quinoa Chicken Salad

  Whenever I try to go to a salad-only phase, I come up with a load of new concoctions to keep my taste buds intrigued, and my stomach from noticing the lack of fatty, bready goods its receiving.   Having a blog to post about them also helps keep me going.  Many people think those of … Continue reading Mango, Almond & Quinoa Chicken Salad