Girona, the Heart of Catalonia

Girona is the first place I’ve visited that I felt I could make my home, whether for a summer or for a longer term.  I was there in August 2016.  It’s been a little over 6 months since my stay in Girona and I’ve only managed to write about it just yet.  The experience felt … Continue reading Girona, the Heart of Catalonia


Trapani: Gateway to Rustic Sicilian Life

Many dream of the idyllic and rural Sicilian life, imagining endless green fields, hilly backdrops, delightful pasta dishes, the signature ricotta cannoli, and of course, a variety of exquisite (and extremely affordable) wines.  Sicily has been a tantalising destination throughout history – from the ancient Greeks and Romans, right through. the modern day Italy. The … Continue reading Trapani: Gateway to Rustic Sicilian Life