Besalú, a Medieval Catalan Town

Besalú had a lasting effect on me, as most medieval villages tend to. It has all the attributes that make a village great – charm, history, art, culture, good food and even more.  It’s got a story to tell.  And more than that, there’s a feeling that’s inexplicable, perhaps because of how personal the connection… Continue reading Besalú, a Medieval Catalan Town


Apple & Cranberry Quinoa Salad

This one's always at a hit at lunches and BBQ's.  It's great as a side dish  or a quick snack, as it's quite light.  If you'd like to turn it into a fuller meal, add some honey-and-bbq-chicken to it. Ingredients: 1 red Apple Packet of Quinoa & Bulgar Wheat Rucola Pecans Walnuts Dried Cranberries Apple… Continue reading Apple & Cranberry Quinoa Salad

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Walking along the Berlin Wall

While walking along the Berlin Wall, it’s easy to get immersed into the creativity, artistic vision and the vivid colors of the longest open air gallery in the world. The street performers, artists, and even the con-artists trying to lure you into betting on which cup the ball is under, add to the vibrancy of the… Continue reading Walking along the Berlin Wall


Grape & Pear Salad with a Green-leaf base

Another in the series of jazzing up salads.     Ingredients for Salad: (portion size as shown in the photo) Rucula/Rocket Leafs Lettuce 6 Large Purple/Pink Grapes 1 Pear Blanched Almond Pieces Ingredients for Dressing: (Mess around with this depending on your likes, this is roughly what I did) 1 teaspoon Whole-Grain Mustard 3 Table Spoons… Continue reading Grape & Pear Salad with a Green-leaf base


Nutty Maltese Gbejna, Grape and Orange Salad

  Maltese Gbejna (plural, ġbejniet) is a small round cheese made in Malta, and perfected in Gozo (wink wink).  It's made from sheep milk or goat milk, and comes in different varieties, like fresh, sun-dried, peppered, or salt cured.  The one pictured above is Gbejna tal-Bzar, peppered, and the best kind for salads, and to… Continue reading Nutty Maltese Gbejna, Grape and Orange Salad


Mango, Almond & Quinoa Chicken Salad

  Whenever I try to go to a salad-only phase, I come up with a load of new concoctions to keep my taste buds intrigued, and my stomach from noticing the lack of fatty, bready goods its receiving.   Having a blog to post about them also helps keep me going.  Many people think those of… Continue reading Mango, Almond & Quinoa Chicken Salad

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The Islands of Lake Iseo: Loretto, San Poala & Monte Isola

Lake Iseo (All You Need to Know)  is a smaller scale, less commercial version of Lake Garda.  The two lakes are around a 2-hour-drive apart. Lake Iseo is more congenial. It’s got similar breath-taking views but less traffic. More locals, less celebrity mansions. Lush green mountains and several medieval towns enclose the crystal clear lake.  The natural beauty… Continue reading The Islands of Lake Iseo: Loretto, San Poala & Monte Isola


Blueberry, Feta Cheese & Quinoa Salad

Salads don't have to be boring. Here's one of my favorite summertime meals. It's also one of the benefits of living in the Mediterranean - an abundance of fresh fruit and veg, and of course, cheese. This is me trying to find creative ways to convince my stomach that it doesn't carbs and chocolate to be… Continue reading Blueberry, Feta Cheese & Quinoa Salad

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Lovere (Lake Iseo): All you Need to Know

Lake Iseo (also known as Lago D’Iseo or Sebino) is the fourth largest lake in Lombardy, it’s equally shared between the Provinces of Bergamo and Brescia.  Being 45 minutes away from the Milan Bergamo airport, it’s easily accessible.  The drive is rather straightforward, even lost tourists can find the way without much difficulty. Lush green… Continue reading Lovere (Lake Iseo): All you Need to Know